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Box Of Memories

36″ x 48″ (91cm x 122cm)
Deep edge canvas
Acrylic on canvas, gloss finish
Painted edges, ready to hang

Exploring my interest in the anthropological documentation of time and space, of wanderings through the city streets on shared land with shared purpose, and the craziness that often we can do so and remain alone. The exploration of numerous layers that build over time in these pieces, much like the layers that are found beneath our feet and the layers that create our lives. It is a process to reveal and conceal the beauty of what is visible to find and create a voice for that which is hidden. Collecting evidence of life lived over time, like the peeling of paint on walls and finding the stories held captive in places. Itinerant remnants bequeathing marks upon the land, the populace and the collective psyche… breaking down the daily sleepwalking through the familiar by revealing connections and multiple layers of the transient systems organically flowing like veins or the roots of trees, held together by concrete and the traffic of dirt on our shoes.


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