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Melanie studied at the University of NSW: College of Fine Arts and Macquarie University, Sydney.
She is an accomplished practicing and exhibiting contemporary artist, based in Adelaide – South Australia, and a Secondary Visual Arts teacher at one of South Australia’s leading schools.

Melanie’s original artworks have found homes in the USA, UK, Ireland and across Australia.


My abstract paintings are about creating a space for contemplation, room to breathe, to meditate and relax. Often described as lonely, yet created to be a safe place for solitude, peace, stillness and comfort. I seek to offer a place that can stand to be seen over and over, a place to live, not dusty or sleepwalking, but fully alive and present; to see again something new, to be reminded, to be renewed. To hear faint sounds, murmurs and whispers, to travel somewhere and come back safely. Texture, beautiful mistakes and the capturing of light guide the way until my paintings become a place, an offering of safe space, a gift.